The Whitepine Church family is a group of people from diverse backgrounds & life experiences with one central thing in common- we have personally experienced the grace, mercy, and goodness of the living God!  We are far from perfect, but are committed to growing in our love for and service to Jesus Christ & others, and a true biblical understanding of how God wants us to live in this life… as we await the wondrous life yet to come.  We believe that nothing is more important than knowing God and helping others find their way to Him.   If you would like to know God- or why it is important to even think about it!- please click the link below.  If you would like to know more about our church community, or have any questions, just send us a note or stop in to visit… we would love to meet you!


May 19, 2024

Join us for our weekly worship service with music, prayers, a message from the Word of God, as well as various announcements and ministry updates. Our “in-person” worship time begins at @ 10:30am in the sanctuary, or you can participate in an online recording of the service @ 6pm (most weeks) here on the website or on our Facebook page.

Got a question about: God… faith… Christianity… Church..?

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