Small Groups

At Whitepine, we believe it is important to both be a part of a loving community and to grow in our ability to live the lives God desires for us. Through meetings in various homes and the church building, our Small Groups help us accomplish both goals. As these groups meet together (some weekly, others monthly), laughing and praying with each other, we grow closer to and learn how to encourage the people in that group; in the Bible study time, we are able to dig deeper and interact with the Bible and each other in a way that simply isn’t possible during our Sunday worship celebrations.

At the present time, we have:

  • a Bible study group that meets in a local residence on Wednesday evenings at 7pm;
  • a Bible study group that meets in the church on Thursday evenings at 7pm;
  • a Senior’s Bible study group that meets at Buckingham Place every Thursday at 1:30;
  • a women’s group (Ladies in Bloom) that meets on a monthly basis at the church, with a variety of activities and guest speakers.

If you would like to know more about our Small Group ministry, please send a note to us using the ‘Contact Us’ tab on this web-site.