Pastor Frank, his wife Gloria, and their 3 children came to Whitepine in August of 1999, and have been the longest serving pastoral family at Whitepine. Passionate about the Word of God, worship and music- which find expression in his role as a worship leader, musician, and songwriter- Frank also enjoys reading, sharing laughs with friends, conversations over coffee, spending time with his adult “kids”, working with his tractor on the small family farm, and the beauty of nature. Frank considers his role as a husband and father to be the most important God has given to him, and has been truly blessed to walk this journey with his wife & best friend Gloria, who is an elementary teacher and partner in ministry. As a pastor and leader, Frank is very much a ‘fellow pilgrim’ with those in our fellowship, and seeks to see God honored as people discover fullness of life in Christ.

In September of 2018, we welcomed Bob Mealey as our new Pastor to Shut-ins. Bob and his wife Barb have been involved in ministry at Whitepine almost since its formation in the late 70’s, and our fellowship has been truly blessed by their heart and spirit. Bob’s new role has him visiting and encouraging those who are in hospital, nursing homes, and shut-in their own homes for various reasons.

General spiritual oversight is provided at Whitepine by the Leadership Team (who faithfully carry out the New Testament  role of elders), and ministry groups are coordinated by the Church Council, which is made up of leaders from all the groups and teams in the fellowship.