What To Expect

When you come into the lobby, be sure to pick up a coffee/tea and a snack before you are given a bulletin by one of the Greeters. People will be meeting each other, catching up on the events of the past week, until the worship service begins.

Authentic and passionate corporate worship is one of the core values at Whitepine, so when you worship with us, you’ll discover:

  • Energetic and reflective music;
  • A relevant message that is both understandable and grounded in the Bible;
  • A welcoming and informal environment that focuses on what is going on in our hearts and spirits as we seek His Spirit;
  • A multi-generational fellowship where everyone is encouraged to participate and share stories of how God is working in their lives;
  • Honesty and humility in prayer, seeking not only to talk to God but to listen to His voice as well;
  • Information about ways to be involved and serve in ministries throughout the week.

As a guest, you will never be “put on the spot” to say who you are and where you’re from: our desire is simply to provide a place where people are free to worship with passion & integrity, seeking to honour the presence of the Living God.