God Invites people to discover the joy of having a vibrant, living relationship with Him… and once that relationship begins, He also invites us to share in His work on the earth! That means that Christians have the privilege of sharing the love and Good News of Jesus Christ with the world, and it’s a privilege that we enjoy at Whitepine.

In addition to our regular programs and ministries that take place in the church and immediate area, we are involved in a variety of ministry projects and activities, both locally and globally. Financially, prayerfully, and by volunteering personally, we support local food banks, the Moncton Pregnancy Resource Centre, New Life Mission, Harvest House, Camp Wildwood, Teen Challenge, and other local groups. On a broader and more general scale, we help support three missionary families internationally, the relief activities of the Sharing Way, and Canadian Baptist Ministries both nationally and around the globe.

There is also an active Women’s Missionary Society that meets regularly to study, pray, and raise funds for a variety of missionary activities.

Being part of God’s family means that we are involved in His work, sharing His passion for those in need and who have yet to discover the joy of knowing Him. “Missions” is more than just a “program”- it is a focus and mindset that shapes all we do.